Alchemy of Peace

"Living From Your Sacred Heart" with Dr. Gail Lash - Synopsis

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Formats of this class:

"Alchemy of Peace: Living From Your Sacred Heart" class is taught in various formats: 1-day local, group workshops in Atlanta; OR web class online for 2 to 4 hours per week, over a few weeks; weekend retreat with stay-over at resort; etc. These are ALL THE SAME COURSE. Each class - regardless of length - will complete building your Peace Sanctuary and then connect you with your Sacred Heart. Some classes will include other activities, enhancements and themes.
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Peace is much more than the absence of conflict - it is a way of life, a state of being, a consciousness. Alchemy is much more than the concept of changing lead into gold - it is transforming one possibility into another, better one. Learning the Alchemy of Peace is to learn to walk a new pathway that allows you to step from your day-to-day, conflict-ridden, "third dimensional" experience into a calmer, happier, more expansive awareness of life. You then can choose a life of well-being, accomplishment, ease – one without the anxiety and “noise” of the world around you. From here, you can access your Sacred Heart, tap into your inner guidance, and walk in personal power, peace and service.

The pathway to experiencing Peace is a tangible pathway, composed of a number of specific steps. The first step is to create your Peace Sanctuary as a container to walk in this world in peace, balance, ease.

As you experience the "Living From Your Sacred Heart" workshop, you learn to walk this new path, live in this new container, to radiate Peace and be in command of you and your life.
The Four Modules:

1. Beliefs & Habits

We begin this course by talking about and examining the energetics of belief systems and the unconscious habits that keep us repeating both patterns and experiences that do not serve us or create well-being. Science tells us that our vibrations (thoughts/emotions) create our reality - so how can I change or improve any or all aspects of my life? We address this.

2. Energy Tools

In the second segment, you learn a group of very valuable, fundamental tools, skills and strategies that will allow you to step out of the drama and noisy reactions you have experienced in the past. Suddenly "the boss/co-worker/spouse/dog" will not bother you, and you can clear out the day's events and go home in ease and grace. When practiced, this information provides the foundation to create your Peace Sanctuary, allowing you to access your own inner knowledge and truth.

3. Build Your Sanctuary

The third module is where we create your Peace Sanctuary. This place consists of a sphere of light which surrounds you in a form known as the Octahedron. This geometric form, when built and activated, becomes a containment field creating both safety and permission to experience your life on YOUR terms, without all the history of your past directing your present experience.

4. Connect Heart

In the fourth segment you will begin to realign with the Love that you are. This will allow you to reenter and consciously reside within the Sacred Heart. It is within this inner sanctuary that you will reconnect and anchor your Soul back into your heart, again becoming one with the Soul. You will balance the male and female aspects of yourself. From this inner sanctuary you will begin to know your true self, and find all answers to your questions as the questions are asked. You will learn to walk in your wisdom, and live a life of freedom, ease and accomplishment.


Occasionally we decide to teach the "LIving From Your Sacred Heart" course using various themes:

1. In the "Living You Dreams" class we examine what a new world of living your dreams would look like, create a Vision Board, explore and eliminate your fears, learn to befriend Money, live in moderation and find the Art within yourself. Then you bring it all together in your new Peace Sanctuary - connected to your Sacred Heart. This class was presented in Jan-Feb 2014, and is available for purchase as an online web class and MP3 download!

2. In the "Seven Valleys" class we use the Sacred Writings from the Baha'i Faith as a guide to creating your Peace Sanctuary and walking the seven stages of enlightenment. The valleys to traverse to become one with the Creator are: Valley of Search, Valley of Love, Valley of Knowledge, Valley of Unity, Valley of Contentment, Valley of Wonderment, and Valley of True Richness and Nobility. This class was presented in Nov-Dec 2013, and is currently not available for purchase, as not all of it was recorded. We plan on giving this again - stay tuned!

This course is not for everyone

Are you ready to commit to your personal growth? Do you really have what it takes to anchor these simple tools, skills and strategies into your life in a way that is permanent and life-altering?

What it takes to be successful in the course:
  • A willingness and ability to EXPERIENCE the energy & meditation tools vs. think, analyze or argue with what is being offered. You will create new "reference points", new habits and a new way of life. Can you not force these tools and information to fit into your old worn out box? That box never really worked for you anyway.
  • A personal commitment to your self-development and spiritual growth. Your “stuff” will come up to be released. Are you brave enough to simply move it out and then move on?
  • An ability to laugh and be easy on yourself. You are releasing who you are not and remembering who you are. Stick to it and you will like the results. You cannot do this work wrong. It isn’t possible.
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Success Stories 

“The 'Living From Your Sacred Heart' course is amazing. Like pieces of a puzzle, each session helps connect/bring the fragments together. Although I have to say, the Sacred Heart session moved me to tears of Joy. There are no words to express the feelings of Love and Grace, Power and Compassion, Joy and Wisdom. With very little effort I can feel myself standing in the middle of my Sacred Heart along with my soul, my higher mind and my three sided pyramid. This is me… this is who I AM. This is where I choose to live. Many thanks for the magnificent lessons that you bring! For the first time in thirty years I can relax and sleep without being awakened by panic attacks.” – DH,California

“I look forward to each online session very much. So much is happening, so very fast. I can feel the veil physically lifting every day, and as it lifts, the vision of heaven on earth becomes less of a dream and more of a reality. It is exciting to be here at this time. I am so grateful for your commitment to this.” – JV, CFO,Florida
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