Alchemy of Peace

Personal Power Field Class Bonus Recordings for Grads

Here are some Bonus Recordings for the class, "Create Your Personal Power Field (Mastering Alchemy Level 1)". We've included several Question & Answer calls, so that you can hear questions and stories from other students and teachers. Other links are (short) extras that allow you to quickly practice certain tools, and to learn new concepts that were not covered in the live class. Most Bonus Recordings are in the form of MP3 downloads. Enjoy!
Gail talks about the changes happening to the Mastering Alchemy Level 1 Local Teachers Program, and does a review meditation. (29 mins)
Gail answers questions and all tell stories (1 hr, 20 mins)
Gail answers questions and all tell stories (1 hour).
John, Gail, Pam answer questions. Enjoy!
Gail tells the story of the Fall of Atlantis (and consciousness) and then leads you back to the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond to re-open the doorways to the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom!
Pam Rennie leads you to connect with your Soul Extensions - Enjoy!
Dr. Gail Lash leads you to your personal connection back to God and the ArchAngels. Enjoy!
Dr. Gail Lash presents an introduction to Mastering Alchemy Level 2 Program. Listen and learn why this course is so popular, fantasitc, fun, and life-enhancing. Enjoy!
Mathias' Circle to New Star Tetrahedron Geometry, with Jim Self's narration. This is about how we move from one possibility to another, with interfaces between different realms. We begin simple and end complex. We are Light!
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