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Check out these "Alchemy of Peace" Free Preview Lectures. Learn and test drive some powerful energy tools.

1. Listen to our Blog Talk Radio - "Everyday Alchemy with Pam Rennie and Dr. Gail Lash", May 31st, 2014 recording.

2. Listen to our Blog Talk Radio interview, "Walking the 7 Valleys of Enlightenment", Oct 16th recording.

3. Read an excerpt "You Are Not Your Problem" from book below (click on Pear).

4. Watch "The Shift" video to get a sense of why living from your sacred heart is so important (download free ebook on next webpage).
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1. Blog Talk Radio - "Everyday Alchemy" with Pam Rennie and Dr. Gail Lash. May 31st, 2014 recording.

Who are you, and who do you want to be? How do you let go of limitations and truly embrace all your power and your gifts? Come listen to Pam and Gail as they weave answers into the skein of life! You can gain focus into your eternal wisdom!

When you step into your sacred geometric “Power Field”, and begin to see and speak from the wisdom of your Soul, you can stay centered and calm in the chaos of change, and discover your true gifts within. Life is a Sacred Journey when you walk in Everyday Alchemy!

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2. BlogTalk Radio Interview: "Walking the 7 Valleys with Tools of Alchemy." Recorded October 16th, 2013, 10:00am

Listen to Anna Banguilan as she chats with Dr. Gail Lash & Pam Rennie about the webclass, "Alchemy of Peace: Creating Your Personal Unified Field While Walking the Seven Valleys of Enlightenment.".

Using the tools of Alchemy to create the Sacred Geometry of the Octahedron around your physical body (your Personal Unified Field), allows you to have access to its toroidal field of information and to leave all anxiety behind, experiencing well-being, grace, certainty and peace and more.

Embodying Sacred Writings as the foundation for walking in your Personal Unified Field through the 7 Valleys of Enlightenment, you become connected to your Soul and begin living from the Sacred Heart.

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3. Click the PEAR to read an excerpt

from "Chapter 21 - You Are Not Your Problem" from book: What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett.
Have you ever set out in a great mood to meet a friend at a café for coffee, only to spend a miserable hour or two listening to how rotten their finances/relationship/job is, etc.? Suddenly... (Click Pear to Read More)
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4. Watch Video about "The Shift"!

It talks about the eBook on The Shift - with explanations of what is happening in this world today. Click on World photo to watch video, and Download the ebook under Free Downloads!
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