Alchemy of Peace

The History of Mastering Alchemy

We are here to master Alchemy. Alchemy is a walking around space - it is being able to daily transform one possibility into another.

• The "Mastering Alchemy" body of work (Creating Your Personal Power Field - CYPPF, and more) was created by Jim Self in 2003.
• Since 2003, many thousands of people like yourself - from all walks of life (doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, massage therapists, artists, plumbers, construction workers, military, IT programers, etc.) - have taken the CYPPF class and integrated its wisdom into their lives.
• This work has been taught to clients in over 30 countries.
• In 2013, over 25 new teachers (Dr. Gail Lash and colleagues) became authorized by Jim to assist in spreading this amazing knowledge out to the world. Come join the MA community!