Alchemy of Peace

Free Lecture by Dr. Gail Lash

Well - we met on Monday, June 10th! It was great. The venue at Cafe of Life has a warm presence, and all are welcomed. Nine people came, plus 2 teachers. We played with the Rose tool and talked about the Shift of consciousness going on around the planet right now. Wake up! It is time. Flyer/ad below on what was discussed. Blessings.

“Energy Tools To Become The Alchemy of Peace”

We are living in a fast-paced, noisy, sometimes-crazy world, where we are expected to juggle 27+ things at once and be connected to everyone all the time. Time is speeding up, moving from past/present/future to NOW. What was fun and fulfilling yesterday is not attractive to you today. Jobs and relationships change. You move to a new city. As a global society, we are all creating this new world of change, connectivity and instant manifestation – made from our “present-time” moments.

Do you know who you REALLY are? Do you know what you want NOW?
Do you know how to navigate this new paradigm with PEACE, BALANCE & GRACE?

  • WHAT IF the "drama" of others was neutralized, and you stayed Happy?
  • WHAT IF the "noise of life" was quieted, and you Calmly made great decisions?
  • WHAT IF you learned to listen to your own heart's knowing, and acted from a place of inner power and strength?
  • WHAT IF you knew who you really are, and lived your divine purpose?
  • WHAT IF you could think, speak and act with the vibrations of Freedom, Ease, and Accomplishment?
In this FREE PRESENTATION we will explore Energetic Tools that will:
  • Define YOU & assist you in being your True Self,
  • Quiet the noise of "Shakespeare's Theater" around you, and
  • Allow you to walk in this world in Peace, Harmony, Certainty, and Ease.
Come join me to embrace the Alchemy of Peace! Bring friends!