Alchemy of Peace

Jun 2013

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Free Lecture by Dr. Gail Lash

Well - we met on Monday, June 10th! It was great. The venue at Cafe of Life has a warm presence, and all are welcomed. Nine people came, plus 2 teachers. We played with the Rose tool and talked about the Shift of consciousness going on around the planet right now. Wake up! It is time. Flyer/ad below on what was discussed. Blessings.

“Energy Tools To Become The Alchemy of Peace”

We are living in a fast-paced, noisy, sometimes-crazy world, where we are expected to juggle 27+ things at once and be connected to everyone all the time. Time is speeding up, moving from past/present/future to NOW. What was fun and fulfilling yesterday is not attractive to you today. Jobs and relationships change. You move to a new city. As a global society, we are all creating this new world of change, connectivity and instant manifestation – made from our “present-time” moments.

Do you know who you REALLY are? Do you know what you want NOW?
Do you know how to navigate this new paradigm with PEACE, BALANCE & GRACE?

  • WHAT IF the "drama" of others was neutralized, and you stayed Happy?
  • WHAT IF the "noise of life" was quieted, and you Calmly made great decisions?
  • WHAT IF you learned to listen to your own heart's knowing, and acted from a place of inner power and strength?
  • WHAT IF you knew who you really are, and lived your divine purpose?
  • WHAT IF you could think, speak and act with the vibrations of Freedom, Ease, and Accomplishment?
In this FREE PRESENTATION we will explore Energetic Tools that will:
  • Define YOU & assist you in being your True Self,
  • Quiet the noise of "Shakespeare's Theater" around you, and
  • Allow you to walk in this world in Peace, Harmony, Certainty, and Ease.
Come join me to embrace the Alchemy of Peace! Bring friends!


The History of Mastering Alchemy

We are here to master Alchemy. Alchemy is a walking around space - it is being able to daily transform one possibility into another.

• The "Mastering Alchemy" body of work (Creating Your Personal Power Field - CYPPF, and more) was created by Jim Self in 2003.
• Since 2003, many thousands of people like yourself - from all walks of life (doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, massage therapists, artists, plumbers, construction workers, military, IT programers, etc.) - have taken the CYPPF class and integrated its wisdom into their lives.
• This work has been taught to clients in over 30 countries.
• In 2013, over 25 new teachers (Dr. Gail Lash and colleagues) became authorized by Jim to assist in spreading this amazing knowledge out to the world. Come join the MA community!