Alchemy of Peace

What's Next For Sacred Heart Graduates?

You have choices for your next steps, after you've completed your Living From Your Sacred Heart course!
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Free Monthly Question & Answer Teleclass
Join our FREE Question and Answer Teleclass for graduates each month! Come share tool stories, ask clarifying questions, and develop community with your fellow graduates. Create community by joining our graduate Facebook group as well - see social media links.

See Q&A page for more info
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Track 1: "Peace Brain Training" w/Dr. Gail Lash

Peace Brain Training consists of learning about peace principles and how to create a new world at peace - both inside and outside. It is made up of three modules: 1) Activate Your Peace Brain (of which "Living From Your Sacred Heart" is a component); 2) Create A Peace Brain Society; and 3) Your Peace Brain Service. Come experience a new world of Peace!

See our webpage for more info.
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Track 2: "Daily Peace Series" w/Dr. Gail Lash

These classes are for you to be able to practice your Tools and exercises in daily life applications. Therefore this is the "Daily Peace Series", with each class addressing a single topic. Come play with us in this series, and learn to use your Sacred Heart and Energy Tools in practical ways!

See our webpage for more info.
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