Alchemy of Peace

Embracing Change

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Daily Peace Series: "Embracing Change when your cheese is moved" Teleclass

Class is live and recorded for later listening.

Date to be determined
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern Time
At your own computer
Anywhere in the world!

Cost = $44.00

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Embrace Change

Change can be a traumatic time for anyone.  However, we naturally expect change at certain times in our lives: births, deaths, going off to college, weddings, new job, etc.  It can be scary, but we know we can handle it - because we are in control of that choice.  When change happens that we do NOT have control over - watch out!

Just like the book,
"Who Moved My Cheese?", we examine your patterns of reacting to change, and how to best get through the maze of life, embracing Change.
This 2 hour Teleclass (recorded) will address how to clean out your 3rd chakra (power/control center), help Mother Earth clean out her 3rd chakra, use your Power Field & the 9th Ray of Sound to discard old habits, and stay centered in well-being. Learn to go with the flow when your "cheese" gets moved. You will find that change is not only normal, but great! 

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