Alchemy of Peace

Daily Peace Series For Grads:

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We created several classes (presented as live Teleclasses, and then also available for download/viewing later) for Sacred Heart Graduates. These classes are for you to be able to practice your Tools and exercises in daily life applications. Therefore this is the "Daily Peace Series", with each class addressing a single topic. Come play with us in this series, and learn to use your Sacred Heart and Energy Tools in practical ways! Classes are 2-hours to 4-hours in length, and all done as teleconferences online. So you can attend anywhere in the world! [NOTE: we are taking a break from doing these right now… so stayed tuned for dates, and please let us know if you would want us to schedule a special class right now for you and other grads - thanks!]


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Question & Answer Teleclass!

Every 3rd Tuesday of each month

Embracing Change
Learn to go with the flow when your "cheese" gets moved!
Building Relationships
How to conquer each challenge, using compassion and consultation.
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You Are In Your Sacred Heart - Now What?
Come play with daily life applications and creations. You will notice a difference!
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Prosperity & Abundance
Prosperity - discuss and learn how you create it, what blocks you, clear limitations, and use prosperity for service to world.
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Peaceful Attitudes

Practice how to stay in calm, peace, certainty amidst day-to-day challenges. You WILL influence others by your presence!

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Embracing Your Clairvoyance
Come own your innate power of inner "seeing". You use it everyday!
Embracing Your Clairaudience
Come own your innate power of inner "hearing". You use it everyday!
Embracing Your Clairsentience
Come own your innate power of inner "feeling". You use it everyday!
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Tourism For Peace (TFP)
Love Nature, Love People, Love Yourself

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