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Welcome To Alchemy of Peace!

"If you can experience peace in your heart, your life is a success." Prem Rawat
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Alchemy of Peace is a Track of classes

that teach you meditation, visualization, energy and intuition Tools - in order to activate the Peace inside of you. These classes are designed to affirm your true divine self, and assist you in walking your unique path. Please read below for more details. Our foundational course in this Track is "Alchemy of Peace: Living From Your Sacred Heart".
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This is a time of tremendous change

The world around you has become more intense, chaotic and uncertain. Have you noticed:
- More drama, emotion and noise within and around you?
- The institutions that were once thought to be solid are crumbling (Ex: economic, political, and educational)?
- It is becoming more difficult to remain grounded, focused and calm?
- It is more difficult to discern choices that are best for you?

If you could learn the simple, practical tools to create an energetic Peace Sanctuary around you that would positively change your life forever, would you?

Do you have:
- An intention to grow beyond your limitations?
- A willingness to be one with the feminine and masculine aspects of you?
- A belief that there is grander wisdom available?
- A desire to “know thyself”?

We offer you effective tools and strategies that will empower you to walk in well-being, harmony and oneness with all life, neutral yet compassionate to the chaos and anxiety of everyday life. You can then be free to create the life that you really want. It is no accident that you found us today.

Living From Your Sacred Heart

Your Sacred Heart is your place of connection and inner knowing. First we create a container around you in the shape of a diamond - your Peace Sanctuary. Once reconstructed and activated (very easy to do) you have the ability to expand your awareness and create the new wiring system required to recognize and integrate the new possibilities you may not recognize as even available. Then you go into your Sacred Heart and learn to access your wisdom, balance, peace and love.
Your Peace Sanctuary opens your ability to re-align yourself to have greater access to your higher wisdom and creative power. Simply – you begin to:
- Release who you are not and remember who you are.
- Become the master of your life vs dragged around by it.
- Observe the world around you and walk in well-being and grace.



An activated Peace Sanctuary provides an expanded opportunity to observe the world around you, while choosing your actions, thoughts and emotions.

How Will Your Life Change?

Reconstructing your Peace Sanctuary will enable you to:
- Quiet the anxiety in your life, and access the stillness of your inner wisdom
- Transform one possibility into another, better one (this is alchemy)
- Master the art of remaining neutral, while compassionate, to world chaos
- Leverage the power of the Seven Living Words
- Dissolve self-limiting habits and patterns that were never yours
- Access the Inner Sanctuary of your Sacred Heart & connect with your Soul
- Unify your masculine and feminine aspects, balancing your brain’s hemispheres
- Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish
- Discover your role as Leader, Healer and Teacher

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The Next Classes Are:

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"Alchemy of Peace: Living From Your Sacred Heart" Webinar

3 Wednesdays & 2 Fridays Online:
Date to be Determined (had to postpone previous Aug dates…)
12:00pm to 2:00pm (Eastern = 10 hours total). All 5 classes are recorded, so you can listen in later too.

Join us anytime!


At your own computer
Anywhere in the world!

Taught by Dr. Gail Lash
Cost = $225

Sign up by xxx early discount = only $195

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"Alchemy of Peace: Living From Your Sacred Heart" Workshop

Date To Be Determined
9:00am - 7:00pm
(1.5 hours for lunch, am & pm breaks)

Looking for a Venue in
Greater Atlanta, GA area!
Contact us if you have one!

Taught by Dr. Gail Lash & Pam Rennie
Cost = $225

Discount by xx date = only $195

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10% Give Back!
We want to assist the planet in becoming healthy and in harmony with all life. We are giving back 10% of our profits to Sea Turtle Conservation in Venezuela.

See for information about this project.
Go to our fundraiser page to watch these donations grow! Tell your friends, and make a difference by saving the sea turtles!
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